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Functional Range Assessment (FRA)

All new clients start their journey with an assessment whether they are in-person or remote. The assessment process will give you with a clear understanding of what your joints can and cannot do so you know exactly where you need to begin addressing your weaknesses.


It will also be an opportunity to learn more about how your body is designed to move and how you can facilitate a deeper, more complete recovery process by supporting it with the type of movement it needs to both heal and function optimally.

This is a in-person service for local clients and can be done virtually for remote clients.





Treatment & Training (T&T) - in-person only

If you are dealing with chronic pain or are limited in your daily life or hobbies, you need a more specific plan than group fitness.

Treatment & Training sessions focus on improving your strength, flexibility, and body control with both strength training and manual therapy techniques.

Ideal for those working through injury or dealing with movement limitations - T&T will guide you through fixing current or old injuries while you train so that you can make progress toward your goals on the trails or on the slopes as you heal. 

Remote Performance Training (RPT) - remote only

Remote Performance Training (RPT) builds a foundation of joint health every outdoor athletes needs to live the active lifestyle they love without being limited by their body. 

You will improve your resilience to injury while further developing the strength and skills to perform how you want on the trail or on the slopes. 

Especially built for those working through injury or dealing with movement limitations, RPT will teach you to work through these as you train so that you can make progress toward your goals as you heal.

A Holistic Approach


Targeted Soft-Tissue Treatment

Manual therapy is a key component to improving joint health. We use an assessment and treatment approach to tailor a plan specific to your individual needs. Integrating this work allows you to feel better, move more freely, and make sure you are getting the most out of your training efforts.

Lungs Illustration


The movements that create our breathing pattern are often sub-optimal, which can cause  compensations that effect the spine, hips, shoulders, and throughout the extremities. By improving our breathing mechanics with targeted exercises designed to restore full function, we begin our healing journey from the inside out.


Joint Strength Training

We train our muscles to be stronger with specific exercises, yet rarely is joint-specific strength training included in fitness programs.  Functional Range Conditioning applies the concepts used by strength and conditioning professionals tailored specifically toward improving the function (and therefore health) of each joint in the body. 

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