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How I Got Here...

Movement has always been my passion. It was a way to explore, learn, and express myself in the world from a young age and has continued to play an integral role in my both life personally and professionally.

A three-sport athlete from elementary age through high school, I went on to play collegiate soccer before finding CrossFit and training to compete from 2011-2017. After my last Regionals competition I knew before the event was over that I would be stepping away from competitive training. While for many this may seem like a natural progression to focus on career, family, or other endeavors, this wasn’t the reason.


The reason was pain.


Being able to perform at a high level throughout my career had come at a cost - three knee surgeries, a partially torn shoulder labrum, compressed discs in my lumbar spine (among others) - had taken a toll on my body, mind, and spirit.


Being a strong and conditioned athlete did not translate to being healthy.


Over the last five years I've used the joint-strength training principles of Functional Range Systems to rebuild my joints, resolve the knee pain that I endured daily for nearly 20 years, and reconnect with the activities I love  most.


Now my focus is sharing the powerful potential for healing that we all possess with clients and students, bringing forth their ability to change their lives through mindful movement.


Residing in Bend, OR, no matter the season you can find me outside. Whether it be on a mountain bike or snowboard, running a river trail or stand-up paddle boarding, the joy and freedom of play never get old.


If you have any questions please reach out to me directly at:


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