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Resolve your chronic aches and pains so you can live your life with confidence and freedom.
1:1 Coaching & Group Training

Resolve your pain.

Revive your life.

When physical discomfort and movement limitations are part of your daily life the pain and disruption take a toll.

Being in pain isn't normal. Losing function as you age isn't normal.
But unfortunately, both are common – and they don't have to be.

We sit too much and spend too much time in front of screens, then are told to go run, bike, lift weights, play sports or do other activities to stay "fit". 

You try to do the right things – go to a group class, pick up a new activity, or start exercising on your own but still end up in pain.

Or, you simply do nothing because you're afraid of getting worse.

It can be frustrating and demoralizing, and if you're reading this I imagine this type of experience may sound familiar.

If you are ready to get to the root of your problem and learn how to keep it from coming back, this is the right place for you.

A proven process that works

Step 1:
You will gain confidence and trust in your body by learning to move in ways that are pain-free and help you heal from the inside out.

Step 2:
You will learn to master your nervous system and work with it to unlock new levels of health, performance, and longevity. 

Step 3:
You will become the steward of your physical health, able to enjoy doing the things you love without pain or worrying if your body will hold up to the demands of your lifestyle.

What our clients say...

Jenn Biestman.3.jpg

"I was in great shape before I had a baby. but after a brutal C-section recovery, I thought my days of doing sports at a high level were over. I woke up in pain every day, and wasn’t even able to contract my core muscles for over a year.


When I started working with Ben, I started improving slowly with more mobility and less pain. Within 5 months, I started my first snowboard season in 18 years and rode 53 days. While I had a few falls, the mobility work kept me in the game when I would have been sidelined in the past.


As soon as snow season ended, I had my best mountain bike season ever. My mileage, endurance, and overall fun increased a ton! The most amazing thing is that my body felt strong and pain free!

Now I’m more in tune with my body and know what I need to do to ensure pain-free high performance. It’s almost as if I found a cheat code, and it’s amazing!"

Jenn B.

Pain is communication

It is a signal from the nervous system to the conscious mind that is asking for your attention.

If you are not sure where to start or have tried to fix things yourself before but haven't made lasting progress (or even felt worse after)...

Here is an opportunity to tune in and learn to listen to what your body needs so it can do what it was made to do:

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