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Located in beautiful Bend, OR, REVIVE Bodywork & Personal Training is a movement-based bodywork practice focused on helping clients decrease pain, regain strength and function, and take action toward developing the physical abilities necessary to living an active, healthy lifestyle.

A life-long athlete and fitness coach, Ben Entenmann uses a combination of therapeutic bodywork and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) techniques to achieve goal-based outcomes that are unique to each client. 

At REVIVE, the mission is to help you get back to or keep doing the things you love with a resilient, healthy body that is prepared to take on the challenges of life. This philosophy centers on developing balance throughout the body with soft tissue and joint strength training through the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) approach.

We seek to create strong working relationships with each client, meaning you are an active participant in your treatment based off the goals that are important to YOU.  Whether you are seeking recovery, rejuvenation, or basic body maintenance, REVIVE is here to help you on your path toward enhanced health and wellness.

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